The Supermarket

Sunday, the 23rd of May 2021

I was on my way to a supermarket with a group of fellow students and a close friend. The path to the gigantic department store consisted of glass hemispheres reaching higher and higher, standing on stilts and connected by walkways in the air. I held my friend’s hand as we walked along the path, but at the same time I spoke to her on the phone. We talked about relationships and she told me that she would much prefer being a lesbian, and that it affected her emotionally. We had an intense conversation.

It was dark and it was raining, and at a certain point the walkways were no longer surrounded by glass to the left and right as they had been before, but were floating freely in the air and getting narrower, so that you had to balance from one hemisphere to the next at an extreme height. The rain made it even more dangerous and we hardly dared to go any further. However, many people had already tried it successfully. One woman balanced on a footbridge and fell 50 meters deep.

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