Thanks, Kids!

Friday, the 5th of February 2021

A friend and I were in a kind of video game. We were a couple, and hermits on a strange ship. At the same time, we were in a cycle that made us spawn in the same place every time and die immediately: we came to life and then froze, whereupon we fell into lava. This caused us to spawn and suffer agony until we died, then we spawned again, and so on. It was an eternal cycle of suffering that we had to psychologically come to terms with.

At some point, however, we managed to escape the trap and outwit the enemy sailors by disguising ourselves. Soon we found ourselves with a group of people on an island that offered many fascinating attractions, based on the art amusement park 'Luna Luna'; there I went to the toilet, which was also artistically designed. The whole thing was also my friend's birthday party, and in a house that belonged to our secondary school, I sat down at a long table with 30 to 40 people; only my friend wasn't there. A man sang: "Thanks kids, your best friends' presents are state-founded."

I openly asked where my credit card was because someone had stolen it, and a girl in my class said, "Would it be bad if it was in my locker because I wanted to buy clothes with it?" "So you admit it," I shouted, to which she replied: "Well, why did you get the bigger room on the school trip?!"

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