Collective Dreaming

Wednesday, the 16th of September 2020

I took part in a course where you could dream collectively, like in the film ‘Inception’. I sat in a circle with others, each on a cushion and in meditation posture. Before we started, I had to use the toilet, so I hurried off. I had to climb a spiral staircase, which took an extremely long time, and I was constantly afraid that the others would start without me.

When I came back, everyone was already in the dream; they were sitting there, each of them with their eyes closed and the same huge grin that resembled a Japanese demon. This seemed to be normal for collective dreaming. The instructor, also dreaming, shook his head incessantly and with regular vigour; this was something he had started shortly before the dream began and which now, during the dream, could not stop anymore; and it meant to me that I was too late, that I could no longer join in.

I woke him up and he connected me to the dream after all. I could do everything imaginable in our dream, I was free and dreamt for an extremely long time. When I woke up again, I asked how much time had passed in reality and the instructor said it had only been five minutes.

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